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Rare Beauty

☼  Choosing Your Favored Wood  ☼

Everyone wants their homes to look naturally designed and furnished, furnish their homes with wood furniture. Many types of wood can be used to build furniture, but mahogany, walnut, fruitwoods, oak, rosewood, and rare wood veneers and inlays were in common use because they have always been chosen for their workability, durability, and beauty. Furniture in the early 1900 was made with these woods. It is the reason why furniture made in the 19th century or earlier is almost always worth keeping. As these woods have become insufficient and a lot more expensive, furniture has been made with abundant woods. Today, most furniture is made with pine, ash, fir, and gum, and other inexpensive woods are used for its hidden parts.

Identifying wood characteristics can sometimes be the deciding factor to know if your furniture is worth refinishing or if it should be thrown away. Being able to know the type of wood used in your furniture can help determine its total value. There is a chance that a beat-up old cupboard was made with what today is considered an expensive wood. Examining a piece of furniture is easily identified by its characteristics such as color, hardness, and grains.

Characteristics of Wood

Hardness: Woods can be easily distinguished if it’s a hardwood or a softwood, but sometimes it can deceive you, not all hardwoods are hard, and not all softwoods are soft. The reason of its classification is a botanical one — Most flowering trees are hardwood; Conifers often are softwoods. Although most hardwoods are harder than most softwoods, there are exceptions. Generally hardwoods are more valuable than softwoods, but this isn’t always the case – for instance, a gum tree which is a hardwood often competes in price with softwoods. But if you’re still unsure, a more effective way is to identify its color and grain.

Wood color and grain: Grain can be determined by its different cellular structure for each species, hardwoods can be identified with its tabular cells called vessels. It is a visible pores you can see on the surface of the wood. Hardwoods cells are large and the texture is slightly rough or open, it often needs a filler to smoothen its surface. Smaller cells, often described as close-grained have a smoother surface and doesn’t require filling. Softwoods don’t have vessel cells, but can be practically considered as closed-grained. Trees have annual growth rings that are made up of cells formed during each year’s growing season. The value of wooden furniture is based on their grain and color. Hardwoods usually has a richer and finer-textured grain than softwoods.

Sometimes furniture maker practice the use of wood combination to lower the cost of furniture, an example would be a chair made of oak with its leg made of gum.

With this knowledge in identifying woods, you can now compare if the quality of your old furniture is worth keeping or if it is time to buy a new one. When buying new wooden furniture, make sure to assess the wood by its color, grain and hardness.

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Time For A Change

► Home Remodeling 101 ◄

Are you thinking about changing the looks of your home? Have you been stuck with just repainting and wanted something new for a change? Whether you want to replace your floor or to remodel your entire house, it depends on what you and your family needs. It is in human nature to have the desire to change, some people are willing to spend thousands of dollars just to make their homes look great while others keep it simple and affordable yet elegant in style. Either way, it’s your prerogative to choose your approach in making your home look great.

Interior and exterior painting have significant importance in the lives of professionals and common people. Clean and smooth surfaced walls without a scratch, dust and mess give good impact and symbolize professionalism. Wallpapers can also give your home an instant new look at a reasonable price, changing the wallpaper twice a year will surely make your home other than boring. You can also change your curtains every month to add up a spice in your home design. Repainting your internal and external walls is economical in the long run, protecting your concrete and wooden wall against early deterioration caused by weather and moist.

Indeed, carpets and floor tiles are the first things on which the guest sight’s goes. A sparkling floor tiles and a neat and attractive carpet can leave a fine and long lasting impact on a guest’s mind. Changing a floor design once in every one or two years might be unnecessary, especially if your floor tile is still sparkling and your carpet still attractive, but if somebody ignores these essentials, he or she may come across with defamation or worse, disrespect among his/her clients or guests. Sometimes when a person cannot fulfill these desires, he/she may feel sad, gloomy, annoyance, and tension.

Finding inspiration for an old restroom is never easy. Leaking taps, ugly floor tiles and a chipped bathtub can be an overwhelming task. But fixing your bathroom, like fixing your kitchen is a simple way to add value to your home as well as make an older house feel more modern. The choices to make when doing a repair is whether to remove out everything and start over, or to modify with what is already standing, saving some old bathroom parts and adding new ones for a unique finish. To do a remodeling which is a bit more recycling than ripping it off, it is best to know what basics to save, what needs to go and what just needs a little tweak.

Your bathtub is the most important feature of your bathroom, or more commonly the shower base itself. If the tub is chipped, worn out, leaking or there is a cracked shower base, there is no need to buy a new one, acrylic bathtub is finished with a gloss acrylic surface that is easy to clean and can be done on the same day without disrupting your bathroom use. The same approach can also be used for cracked shower base by using a nonslip shower insert to cover the base, it is a quick and efficient way to fix your shower without those nasty chemicals. You can also resurface a bathtub cheaply and extremely fast, it changes your bathroom space without losing any.

Once the decision to go with the cheaper approach has been made, the rest is simple, keep the fundamentals of your home and add some new designs and products for a contemporary flare.

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